Selected international group exhibition

– April 25 – May 23, 2024 –


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MűvészTerem announces an exhibition opportunity for Hungarian and foreign creative artists. For the exhibition, we are looking forward to the works with the watchword "Rebirth", the theme of which can be freely interpreted.
All artists over the age of 16 can apply in the following 4 categories: painting, graphics, sculpture and photography.

In the picture is Veron Ujssászíné Gugyerás his work is visible

The picture shows the artwork of Tünde Tóth - TündeVioletta


The purpose of the exhibition is to be unique to a wide audience give the selected artists the opportunity to present themselves in one of the most modern and busiest shopping centers in the capital, where many thousands of visitors can see the works over the course of a month. 


The cooperating partner of the tender is ETELE Plaza provides an exhibition opportunity for the selected works, in a supervised, glass-walled exhibition space, in the busy first floor corridor of the shopping center. 


The exhibition can be visited between April 25 and May 23, 2024, every day between 14:00 and 18:00.

Admission is free

Location: ETELE Plaza - 1st floor exhibition space (opposite the Zara store)
1119 Budapest, Hadak útja 1.

The picture shows the work of Nikolett Ladányi.

Selection and award

The received entries are evaluated and selected by the professional jury of the MűvészTerem
creations which one month exhibition opportunity ETELE Plaza wins
in the exhibition space.
Creators of the selected works in a certificate of recognition they benefit.
From the material of the exhibition catalog is prepared, which all exhibitors will receive in digital form.
Based on the audience votes, the work that receives the most votes wins the Audience Award.

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