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"Addresses are actually entrances. They simply provide a kind of help that allows someone to start adventuring between the images and on the image." /Account László/


The titles given to my pictures are really entrances for me. If several thoughts arise in the viewer's mind in connection with one of my paintings, that is the real joy, giving a title only helps acceptance, everyone associates it with what they want.
Art is free, based on freedom, which we mostly experience as a quiet and solitary activity, but with the way we feel and observe the world around us, we do not exclude anyone from ours, because all of this appears as a message that can be found in our works.
It is important to me that future generations also get to know contemporary painting. I strive to process my personal experiences in compositions and relationships with materials, so that those who are interested can relate to the images.
It is important that I draw from myself and my surroundings, because the only way the picture will be honest and authentic is to formulate truths that can be applied to everyone and display them on the canvas.

Works from the artist's portfolio

Solo exhibitions

Buják, Esterházy Community Square

Group exhibitions

February 2023
"Art For Peace", organized by Fine Arts Capital Association, Budapest, Golden Duck Gallery

February 2023
Budapest Cultural Center Gallery /38. Visual Arts Month/

January 2023
Sárospatak Cultural Center and Library, exhibition of the winners of the "Petőfi with us" contest

October 2022
Balatonalmádi, Pannonia Cultural Center and Library, exhibition of the winners of the "Petőfi with us" contest

October 2022
Buják, Glatz Oszkár Cultural Center Gallery

August 2022
Biatorbágy, Juhász Ferenc Cultural Center, exhibition of the creators of the "Viaduct - bridge watchers" art competition

July 2022
Buda Vároltalmazó Public Foundation "Tamás Cseh art competition" exhibition of winners, 1st district Mayor's Office

July 2022
Art Valley, Kapolcs, exhibition of the winners of the "Petőfi Living With Us" contest

May 2022
Rippl - Róna festival, Kaposvár, exhibition of winners of the "Petőfi who lives with us" competition

March 2022
MANK Gallery, Szentendre - exhibition of the winners of the "Petőfi with us" contest

Press releases

My painting "Judgment" was published in the first issue of FORRÁS magazine in 2023


Budapest Cultural Center "37. "Visual Arts Month - painting" competition, award-winning certificate