fine arts talent search competition

– 2023 –


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The picture shows the work of Rita Farkas


Nearly 500 works were submitted for the 2023 competition, from which the jury chose 50 works that reached the second round, or awarded separately to the winners of each category, as well as distributed special prizes.

Award winners

The works of the artists can be viewed in the K Gallery until September 8, 2023.

Painting category

  1. placed: Béla Kővári
  2. placed: Éva Lázár
  3. placed: Edina Soós
  4. placed: Csilla Gulyás
  5. place: Vivien Váraljai

Special award winners:               
Mariana Pascalau
Gábor Boldizsár

Graphics category

  1. placed: Erika Miklósi-Vass

Special award winner:                    
Esther Sándor

Photo category

  1. placed: Ági Sági
  2. placed: Dóra Zeina Serhal
  3. placed: Orsolya Mezey-Papp

Special award winner:                    
Rita Wolf

Sculpture category

  1. placed: Szófia Kulcsár
  2. placed: László Majercsik
  3. placed: István Rui Rusznyák

Special award winners:               
Dang Nguyen Minh Thanh
Györgyi Sándor

The Etele Plaza award Weigertné Gabriella Kránitz, a Audience Award It was given to Ilona Cikka Kelemen.

THE top 50 creations creators of other works classified as:

Ágh-Töttő Edit
Mrs. Márta Kovács Benkőn
Agnes Fehér
Áron Willow
Melinda Horváth
Tamás Járdán
Noémi Krisztics
Andrea Lénárd
Katalin Lovas
Erika Majoros
Zsuzsanna N Vidra
Zsuzsa Nagypál
Edith Eszter Klein, German
Maria Petre
Klaudia Eugenia Pődör
Eszter Zsófia Rutkay
Esther Sándor
Éva Sakácsi
Arnold Tóth
Rita the cutter
Waiting for Judit
Vida Viola
Erzsébet Vinczene Sáró

The 2023 competition has closed, the works of the artists who made it to the 2nd round can be viewed in the K Gallery until September 8, 2023.

For who?

In the summer of 2023, the MűvészTerem will formannounces an art competition in which all artists over the age of 16 can enter in the following 4 categories: painting, graphics, sculpture and photography.

The picture shows the work of Beatrix Antal


Those who supported the cause, and whose works you can also meet at the ETELE Plaza exhibition.

The picture shows the work of Judit Szakter


The purpose of the competition is to encourage creative activity, as immersing oneself in creation is one of the best ways to calm the mind, to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday rise below.
In addition, it also wants to help unpolished talents come to the surface.


In order for the creators and their works to reach as wide an audience as possible, the tender includes two exhibition rounds:

  • in the first round - the cooperation partner of the tender, that is ETELE Plaza provides an exhibition opportunity for all entered works, in a supervised exhibition space
  • in the second round - the best 50 works selected by the jury a in K Gallery will be exhibited in downtown Budapest



The exhibition of the first round lasts from August 7 to 18, 2023.

Location: ETELE Plaza – 1119 Budapest, Hadak útja 1.

It can be viewed: between August 7 and 18, 2023, during store opening hours.

Admission is free


Announcement of results: Friday, August 18, 2023ek, 6:00 p.m


The exhibition of the second round lasts from August 29 to September 8, 2023.

Location: K Gallery │ Contemporary Fine Arts Exhibition Square – 1053 Budapest, Magyar utca 44.

It can be viewed: between August 29 and September 8, 2023, nopening hours: Tuesday-Friday 14:00-18:00

THE admission is free

Opening: Tuesday, August 29, 2023, 6:00 p.m

The picture shows the work of Nikolett Ladányi.

Judging, prizes

An independent professional jury evaluates the works received, and then selects the best 50 works that will go to the second exhibition round.
THE the jury is made up of the following outstanding professionals:

Eszter Csurka, Munkácsy Award winner, academician, general artist (painting, photography, graphics, sculpture)
János Eifert, Balogh Rudolf Award-winning photographer, photo artist
Alexandra Nadas, Barcsay prize-winning painter and graphic artist
DLA. habile Gabor Nagy, Munkácsy Prize-winning painter, deceased. associate professor (MKE)

The 12 best creators (first 3 places in the four categories
tje) 1 year free you get a membership worth HUF 300,000 in total.
The first 3 winners of each category will receive a certificate of recognition.
ETELE Plaza's special prize of HUF 50,000 will be awarded among works submitted on the subject of ETELE Plaza.
Based on the audience votes, the work that receives the most votes wins the Audience Award.
Special fees are charged based on the offers of the supporting companies for allocation:

The creators of the 50 best works will receive a package of drawing and painting tools courtesy of the ART SUPPLIER
– 4 suitable passes (worth HUF 35,000) courtesy of NaN-art Drawing and Graphics Workshop
– 2 nights accommodation for 2 people in Budapest courtesy of NOVA CITY Aparthotel
– Book packages courtesy of DANVANTARA Publishing

Famous self-taught artists

Those who want to because of an internal compulsion wanted to express their experiences and assert their individuality.

Cooperating partners

Supporters of the development of creativity

Media Contributors

immersing yourself in creation is one of the best ways to break away from the daily grind