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A képen Révész Ákos: Forrás – Pure Energy sorozat c. képének részlete

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Artist of the week: Eszter CSURKA

The paintings of the Munkácsy Prize-winner artist are like a blurred, overexposed photo taken from several points of view: the physical movement of the figures reveals the process and moments of change in the human soul, volatile emotions…

Guest Artist: Cecília ESZTERGÁLYOS, actress

Cecília has been making ceramic sculptures for herself for 20 years and has been painting for years, often as a self-therapy, in a peculiar way, similar to shaping with clay with her fingers. The world of theater returns in this ceramic sculptures: the masculinity, the expressive power of the face.

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Judit LÁNG

Buyer of the sculpture: Dóra Vanda DEMCSÁK – Hommage á Muybridge

"This work was love at first sight on my part. I love the contrasts it carries: cheerful, serene, but also serious because of its historical background, vibrant, dynamic, but also static because of the nature of the metal.
It makes us very happy that our apartment is decorated with this magnificent artwork!"

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Happy owner of the painting: Éva Aros – Goodness

"This painting is as if it was originally made for my apartment, right there in the dining room. For now, I don't even notice the other paintings on the wall, I can only admire the "Goodness".

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