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„True love and humanity can make the world best! Cheers!”


In my work, I am constantly looking for the best way to explain my views on the world we live in. I work in all media regardless of style and concept, but I mostly use mixed media paintings in my expression. My belief is that, time, ideas, and inspiration change, so each painting is an extension of the previous idea and an indicator of what is to come in my artistic expression. Thank you very much.

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Egyéni kiállítások

Solo exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey

Bodrum art fair, Turkey

Individual exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey

Individual Exhibition in Yorkshire, England

Csoportos kiállítások

Belgrade Biennale

Group exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey


Artist of honour for 2023, Belgrade, Serbia

Special Award by Artist Appreciation

Silver Award by Artist Appreciation group

Gold award winner/20 by Artist Appreciation